Family, Health and Time. Yes.

November 4. My philosophy as an economist is that time is our most valuable resource. I respectfully disagree with those who say “Time is money.” Time is a non-renewable resource and once past, it’s gone forever. Every new day each of us is given the same 24 hours/1440 minutes/86,400 seconds. One of my pet peeves is encountering persons who act as if their time is more valuable than mine. If that¬†were true, I think that God would give them more minutes in their day. I am thankful for the time I have been given today, and will do my best to spend it wisely and to respect the time given to others.

It’s time to turn our clocks back tonight, but keep in mind it’s not an “extra” hour, rather it’s a tradeoff between an evening hour of light and a morning hour. (I personally value evening light more, but I’m grateful nonetheless.)


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