2022 Here I Come!

I’m trying to wrap my head around a new normal. For the past few years Phil and I have been operating within an overall life plan that included my working through 2022. However due to increasing stress caused by significant changes, both at the workplace and in my personal life, we made the decision that I would leave my job at the end of 2021.

Just a few days into the new year, I am already at peace with our decision. I plan to spend the 40+ additional hours per week wisely, and look forward to:

  • Spending time with family — it’s going to be a big year for the Hartmans. Granddaughter Lillian turns two next month, and is growing and developing so fast! We would love to spend more time with her, Hanna and Ryan. Laura will graduate from vet school in May and will be moving into a new chapter of her life, location yet to be determined. Joseph is on schedule to graduate from his master’s program in December, at which point everyone in the Hartman family will have an advanced degree! I am also happy that I no longer need to stress over taking time away from work to take my mother to67 doctor appointments. She’s working on regaining strength and skills to return to her home; if and when that happens it will also take more time.
  • Health — I need to take better care of myself, both physically and emotionally. Last year I started using my Fitbit to remind me to get up and moving during the day, and hope to continue to meet movement and step goals on a daily basis. I also plan to start taking yoga classes again, include fewer processed foods in my diet, and drink more water.
  • Travel — Phil & I hope and pray that our twice-postponed 25th anniversary trip to Scotland and Ireland will finally take place this June. Hanna, Lillian and I are looking into a spring trip together. Although it’s unknown at this point where Laura will end up practicing (she loves the Rocky Mountain states), I want to be available to help her move and settle in, wherever it may be.
  • Photography — digital photography has bubbled up as my favorite hobby over the past few years. I definitely want to improve my skills, which takes practice, which takes time. I plan to enter each Jefferson City Photo Club monthly contest and to spend more time taking photos and trying new techniques.
  • Home — our house has been neglected over the past few years with both of us working plus the added responsibilities Phil has faced as executor of his parents’ estate. As that (hopefully) wraps up, we have plenty of projects of our own. We are already starting with replacing our picture window and storm door. I also plan to switch rooms for my office/craft space to one of the larger bedrooms. We have some plumbing problems, plaster issues, floorboards, and general touch-ups to address. Plus — and this is a biggie — we want to significantly pare down the volume of possessions in our own home so as not to leave a mess for our children and grandchildren.

This may be a rather dull weblog post for others, but I am hoping that it serves as my inspiration to refocus the use of my time this year to meet these goals and aspirations. Toward that end, I plan to return to posting weekly weblogs as a means of keeping on track.

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