I’m a Muse!

This is a post that I intended to share more than a year ago, but time slipped by and so did my inspiration. Recently something happened that spurred me to action.

First, some background. In August 2019, Norbert Haupt, a guest at the photo club presentation about my Tanzania safari, was inspired to create a painting from one of the featured landscape shots. No only that, he wrote about it in his own blog.

This is a sausage tree, so called because its fruit resembles a sausage. An interesting fact about this photo is that it was taken from a “Loo with a View” following an early morning hot air balloon ride over the Serengeti.

Artist Norbert Haupt chose to move the hill in the background to better highlight the tree as subject. I have no problem with that decision. Had the loo to the right been vacant, this is how the photo could have turned out.

What caused me to write about this now? A couple of days ago, I received a large package. A very large package containing, as you may have guessed, this very painting. Many thanks to Mr. Haupt for his generous gift.

One of my next framing projects will be for an enlargement of the photo that inspired the painting.

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