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I came across this image during research for last week’s Rosie the Riveter post:


Now, that’s funny – Rosé the Riveter wine. Working Girl also offers Working Girl White, Go Girl Red, and Handyman Red. Too bad it’s not available in Missouri, but fortunately I now possess log-in information in case I want to make an online order.

I have a confession. I shop for wine by how interesting I find the label. The more artistic and quirky the label, the better. Since I’m in the mood for confession – I also shop by price. I have discovered plenty of decent inexpensive to moderately priced wines out there. Rarely will I pay more than $15 per bottle, but I have my limits on the low end, too. I tried Charles Shaw, aka “Two Buck Chuck,” and couldn’t drink it. I ended up using it and some herb-infused olive oil as a steak marinade.

Here are five of my favorite labels:

5. Benefactor Cellars


Trader Joe’s carries these Australian wines on a seasonal basis. They’re not great, but not awful either, and at just $5 per bottle, a lot of fun for Halloween or Día de los Muertos festivities.

4. Big House


We have a local microbrewery called Prison Brews, so these wines piqued my interest, especially after perusing this stellar website. Big House features witty names – The Usual Subject, Cardinal Zin, Pinot Evil – and most varieties are also available in 3L boxes. The winery mails out temporary tattoos upon request. Can’t wait to get mine.

3. Middle Sister


I am a middle sister, so this line has special appeal for me. These wines have clever names such as Rebel Red, Drama Queen, Smarty Pants and Goody Two-Shoes. I haven’t tried them all yet and will probably skip the sweet ones and the Moscato. Middle Sister also maintains an outstanding website with loads of information, recipes, music, games and quizzes, and a bunch of images so that one doesn’t have to search all over the Internet for them.

2. Mad Housewife madhousewife

This has become my go-to wine. It’s fresh, fun, fruity and economical. Make that fresh, fun, fruity and frugal for fellow fans of alliteration. I prefer the merlot and cabernet over the chardonnay, but the white zinfandel is my favorite during warm weather months. It’s not too dry and not too sweet, but juuuust right.

Mad Housewife also has an entertaining website with recipes, contests and a store. You can even collect corks to redeem for Mad Housewife merchandise. I already have the tee shirts so I am currently saving up corks for their stylin’ apron.

1. Little Hills Winery


German immigrants found the climate and rolling hills of Missouri to be very similar to the homeland left behind; as a result we enjoy more than our fair share of wineries. Little Hills Winery is charming, award-winning, and its proprietor just happens to be my high school classmate David Campbell. The restaurant, tasting room and gift shop are located just down a cobblestone street from the first state capitol building in historic downtown St. Charles. It’s well worth a trip, but if that is not feasible Little Hills wines are available for online purchase. These wines are definitely worth suspending my sub-fifteen guideline.

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