What’s Gnu with You?

I knew from solving crossword puzzles that wildebeest are also known as gnu. What I didn’t know is that a herd of wildebeest is known as a confusion. I’m not certain whether that is because it looks like mass chaos when they migrate in huge bunches, or because wildebeest look like a conglomeration of an ox head, a horse mane, and buffalo horns. Another term is “implausibility,” perhaps for the same reasons.

Wildebeest are included in the safari “Ugly Five” list. I personally think they look more interesting than ugly, unless you’re looking at this bull with a broken horn and grizzled ear.

This wildebeest was the only birth we witnessed during our safari.

Calves are up on their feet almost immediately after birth.

Wildebeest are very protective of their calves. Hyenas, lions, cheetahs and African wild dogs prey on wildebeest. The calf on the right is the same one as the prior two photos.

Is this a confusion? An implausibility?

Perhaps a dazzling confusion? A confusing dazzle?

The wildebeest led the way across the water, paving the way for their zebra compadres.

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