The Hartman Institute Annual Report 1997


Executive Summary

The Hartman Institute, a dynamic enterprise comprised of five principal members, is located in a small conservative Midwest city. Its mission is to promote domestic felicity through research and development efforts in early childhood education and micro-economic policy. Although 1997 was marked by scattered minor setbacks, the firm was also blessed with significant enhancements. Assets decidely outnumber liabilities.


Joseph William Hartman joined the firm at 4:00 p.m. Friday, August 22. Joe is currently involved in a study of corporate time management and the effects of sleep deprivation on executive performance. In the short time since Joe’s arrival, he has posted record gains and is already responsible for a majority of the year’s growth within the Hartman Institute. Moreover, his rollover potential appears to be markedly superior.


Mercedes, beloved official pet cat and mascot of the Hartman Institute, died of liver cancer September 30 at age 17. Mercedes is sorely missed by the surviving principals of the firm.

Departmental Reports

Administration: President and CEO of the Hartman Institute, Phil concurrently serves as LAN (Local Area Network) Supervisor for Capital Region Medical Center, where his staff also expanded by one this year. Phil is an Assistant Scoutmaster for Boy Scout Troop 5, where he planned a trip to Shiloh Military Park with the boys in June. He also went on a backpacking excursion at Taum Sauk with the troop, hiked the Buffalo River Trail with a local Explorer post, and has plans for a winter campout. Phil is still involved in historical gaming and enjoys collecting figurines and searching the Internet for new historical and military information. Phil invented a new kids’ game this year – Fritz the Kraut. Contact the Hartman Institute for additional information.

Internal Operations: Sara accepted a new challenge this year – examining the consequences of introducing an additional Y-chromosome to an established corporate equilibrium. Her expanded supervisory responsibilities have necessitated the adoption of new time and stress management techniques. For example, she has learned to program the VCR to tape Jeopardy! for watching after business hours (to hone mental acuity and maintain an adult vocabulary). Since Joe’s arrival, Sara has temporarily suspended outside activities such as room parent and Assistant Girl Scout leader, but still helps with the Children’s Choir at church and works on occasional free-lance projects. She attempts to find sufficient leisure time each week for two aerobics classes and the Sunday crossword.

Academics, Activities & the Arts: This year, Hanna is attending enrichment classes through the public schools every Thursday, where she is currently starring as Queen Elizabeth in a Shakespearean revue. She is a fourth-grader at Trinity Lutheran School, and has joined a Junior Girl Scout troop at St. Joseph School, where she enjoys a new group of friends. Hanna is taking a short sabbatical from ballet since the June recital, but plans to resume dance in January, and hopes to start piano lessons during the next year as well. Hanna will celebrate ten years of lifetime experience in February.

Entertainment: Laura Beth started walking in January, rapidly progressed to running, hopping, skipping and dancing, and has remained in constant motion since. Laura is currently concentrating on improving her communication skills. She understands just about everything she hears and can follow complex instructions, but so far the first word she learns in a category serves as a synonym for similar words – ‘milk’ for beverage, ‘kitty’ for animal, ‘book’ for reading material, etc. Laura’s most amusing malapropism to date is her name for big sissy – ‘Haha.’ Laura joined the Society of Terrible Twos in November.

Physical Plant/Infrastructure

Headquarters for the Hartman Institute are located at 2110 Forest Drive in Jefferson City, Missouri. Capital improvement projects completed during 1997 include renovation of the ground floor bathroom by upgrading the mini-shower to a jacuzzi bathtub/shower, retooling the sewing room into a nursery, and replacing the screened porch roof. Deferred maintenance projects for 1998 or 1999 include replacement of the main roof and refinishing the hardwood floors.


The street address, telephone number, and e-mail address for the Hartman Institute are printed at the bottom of the page. Effective end of May 1998, the Hartman Institute will no longer maintain a post office box. As of that date, inventory and correspondence will be delivered only to the street address.

Outlook for 1998

  • Continued happiness and prosperity
  • Moratorium on additional principals
  • Increased communication and social interaction with family and friends


The Hartman Institute • 2110 Forest Drive • Jefferson City, MO 65109-0910




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