Thankfulness 2014

Oops. November sneaked up on me and I forgot to start my thankfulness posts. Before I get any further behind, I am going to play catch-up:
1 – I am thankful that Laura was able to come home from college for the weekend.
2 – Speaking of college, I am grateful for the generous scholarship program at Truman both on Laura’s behalf and back in the day for Hanna.
3 – I am thankful for health, wealth and wisdom even thought I am not an early to bed and early to rise kind of gal.
4 – I am thankful to live in a constitutional republic where I am allowed the privilege and responsibility to vote. And, although not all of the elections went my way, I am grateful to those willing to serve in public office.
5 – I am thankful for the opportunities I have had to travel this year, both to Costa Rica with Laura and to visit Hanna in Chicago.
6 – I am thankful for forgiveness, from God and from my family and friends.

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