Dazzled by Zebra

A herd of zebras is called a dazzle – one of the most descriptive group names I have ever heard. Aren’t they dazzling? I am excited that one of them is looking directly at the camera.

Zebra and wildebeest hang out and travel together. Wildebeest have better hearing and zebra have better sight so they can work together to warn of impending danger.

Also zebra eat tall grass while wildebeest eat shorter grass so they are not competing for food.

These two young male zebras are competing for the attention of the young female. This skirmish went on for quite a while up and down the lakefront.

Zebras seem to enjoy turning their backs to people. I’ve noticed this at zoos as well as in the wild. Sometimes you just have to make the most out of circumstances.

This lovely young zebra was kind enough to be cooperative.

We encountered a herd of zebra and wildebeest crossing a body of water. I wish the water had been clear enough for reflections.

An entirely separate zebra skirmish. Boys will be boys.

A classic zebra portrait, complete with swishing tail.

It’s hard to pick a favorite zebra shot, but I do like this restful scene complete with a flock of flamingoes.

What next? I’ll make a decision after my Photo Club presentation tomorrow evening.