Ode to Connubial Bliss

So yes, it is Monday already, and I have to confess that I did not make the time last week to write a post for today. This morning I dug through my old documents file and came up with this gem, written November 9. 1994,  ten days before Phil and I married. I had completely forgotten about this and a few other poems and articles.

I hope you enjoy the poem. I know I was happy to rediscover it, although now I have yet another item on my to-do list: convert these old documents to Microsoft Office before I am no longer able to open AppleWorks.


by Sara (10-days-and-counting) Hartman

Phil and Sara met one day,
And soon after fell in love.
They agree on nearly everything,
Truly a match from above.

But . . . a controversy arises!
Across a crowded room
A Windows machine and an Apple face off.
Which will be meeting its doom?

Phil, the System Administrator,
Never strays from the PC track.
But Sara, while computer bilingual,
Prefers the more elegant Mac.

Can anything resolve this impasse?
Will the romance go up in flames?
No, for Hanna knows the secret to happiness
Is that both have some really neat games.

So, the fusing of different elements —
And operating systems as well —
Yields a two-computer nuclear family:
Hanna and Sara and Phil.

P.S. Eighteen years plus later, we are still a two-OS family. We have increased our number of children by two, and our number of computers by some ridiculous multiple of that.

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