No Excuses

I’m not feeling well today, what with volatile end-of-winter weather and that pesky time change. I even took a nap this afternoon, which is out of character. Daisy liked that; she came in and snoozed with me.

I was all set to use my under-the-weatheredness as an excuse to skip posting today. Until I checked into Facebook this afternoon (funny how I had enough energy for that, but not enough for my weblog) and saw a friend post about this book:


The author, Susan Spencer-Wendel, was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease in 2011. She was 44 at the time. She quit her job as a reporter with The Palm Beach Post and spent a year checking items off her bucket list. She traveled to see the Northern Lights, but they didn’t appear (I can commiserate with that). She took her teenaged daughter to buy a wedding dress she will not live to see worn. She swam with dolphins and adopted a new dog.

Then she wrote a book about the joys – yes joys – of her experience. On her iPhone. Using her right thumb, the only finger she still had use of.

I am both shamed and inspired. Other than a trifling cold, I am healthy. I have use of all my limbs and all ten digits.

Thanks for the reminder, Susan Spencer-Wendel. I’m looking forward to reading your book and living life to the fullest. No excuses.

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