3 Websites That Make Me Laugh Out Loud

I discovered three internet sites last week that tickled me pink. As I am feeling particularly generous, I’m going to share them.

3. Chemistry Cat – Three of my favorite things – cats, science and puns – rolled into one. I Zn these are hysterical.


2. Internet Anagram Server – More fun with the English language. Enter a phrase or name into this little gem and it will return anagrams using the letters. For instance:

  • Sara Lynn Hartman = Ha! Snarly Man Rant
  • Chemistry Cat = Scratchy Time
  • I Love English = Oh, Single Evil

1. Seussville – This should be pronounced “Zoice-ville,” by the way. Random House has created a truly Seuss-inspired funhouse of activities. Visit your favorite book, learn about whimsical characters, discover little known facts about one of America’s most beloved children’s authors. Oh, and design your own Who!



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