Good Riddance, ToM!

My apologies in advance to male readers. This post is rated XX, chromosomally-speaking.

I discovered this gem over the weekend:

Hahaha Hello Flo! What a brilliant idea!

Which gave me another brilliant idea – a companion line for the menopausal set. I don’t want to step on any toes, trademark-wise, so instead of Goodbye Flo I thought I’d call it Good Riddance ToM (a euphemism for “time of month” in case any XYs are still reading).

Good Riddance ToM kits would include such necessities as:

  • a fan for hot flashes. (I’m thinking the old Sunday-go-to-meeting style because it is environmentally friendly.)
  • Spanx for weight gain.
  • melatonin for insomnia. (This might also help with fatigue, another pesky menopause symptom.)
  • a puzzle book for keeping mentally sharp.
  • personal lubricant for well, you know.

The number of potential subscribers is fewer for Good Riddance ToM than for Hello Flo, but hopefully has more disposable income. The demand for recurring shipments might also be improved by adding:

  • a sample adult diaper and/or incontinence pad.

It may be time for a Kickstarter campaign. Remember you saw it here first!


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