Digital Photography 1: Boo-boos and Random Strangers

I have been hooked on digital photography ever since I bought my first 640×480 camera back in the day. It’s unbelievable to me how far digital photography has progressed since then, and how fast. My current camera is 18 megapixels and it’s quickly becoming antiquated.

When I think back to the film cameras of my youth, I remember having to keep in mind the cost of the film and processing, and having to limit my shots and hope for the best. Sure some turned out really well, but there were also a lot of closed-eye disappointments. Shots were also limited to documentation for the most part – pictures of vacations and milestone events.

Because of this, one of the things I appreciate most about digital photography is taking as many shots as I would like to capture the best image that I am able. Being able to preview shots is a huge benefit. Then I can pick out the best of the bunch and delete the rest.

Not all shots turn out well, but sometimes even mistakes turn out interesting.

Laura and Alexis aren’t in focus, but I love the sense of movement as they get ready for a recital.
I didn't even know you could shoot a double exposure on a digital camera.
Boogers! Watch that shutter speed. Even though this makes me dizzy, it’s kinda fun.

As I have moved on from a point and shoot to a digital single-lens reflex camera, I have also been bitten by the bug to move beyond documentation into more artsy shots. I still have much to learn. I have lots of interests – landscapes, flowers, animals, travel, events, family and friends. I hope to post more about each of those subjects in future entries.

Generally I tend to stay fairly focused on the subject at hand, be it family members or a particular subject, but every once in a while I manage to capture a shot of a random stranger that I find fascinating, and will share a few of those here.

During a family vacation to Gettysburg in 2010, we decided to get up early one morning and hike through part of the the battlefield. On our way back, we encountered this lad in character. I like how he is framed by the rail fence.
This adorable little boy was patiently waiting for his parents to finish their shopping at a roadside stop between Mai Chau and Hanoi when we visited Hanna in Vietnam in 2011.
This was an absolutely lucky shot. This girl was playing the accordian and waving at cars passing by a general store in the Indiana Dunes in July 2013. I pointed the camera out the window, pressed the shutter and hoped for the best.
This was an absolutely lucky shot taken this July. This girl was playing the accordian and waving at cars passing by a general store in the Indiana Dunes. I pointed the camera in her general direction, pressed the shutter and hoped for the best.

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