All Creatures Great and Small!

Post hike visit to Thirsk, home of The World of James Herriot. Great day. Porridge at brekkie, fabulous museum, train ride back to Manchester. Sea Bream and a South African wine for dinner. Not looking forward to the long plane ride, but ready to come home.

Pic is on the set of All Creatures Great and Small. Too cool!

Wonders of Technology

So this is our new bff. Downloaded the trail map so that my iphone serves as a gps to double check our location. Could have saved our skin the past couple of days but now we are getting the hang of things and just in time because tomorrow should be the hardest day.

Trust. Your. Instincts.

If you don’t think you have gone as far as your hiking companion insists, double check the map BEFORE crossing the stepping stones that obviously do not pass for a footbridge. BTW we both ended up in the river, although my slip was not as spectacular as Phil chasing after his hiking stick as it floated away. Yes he got it back and yes we found the footbridge. Safely in Aysgarth for the night at the George and Dragon Inn.