Extra Credit

Which answer would you select for this test question:

How many economists does it take to screw in a light bulb?
a. None. They’re all waiting for the unseen hand of the market to correct the lighting disequilibrium.
b. Two. One to assume the existence of a ladder and one to change the bulb.
c. Eight. One to screw it in and seven to hold everything else constant.
d. Irrelevant – the light bulb’s preferences are to be taken as given.


Wow. What a night. The Heat faced a rematch with their first opponent in the High School Hoops rec league. As you can see from the team pic we have suffered a couple of injuries and went into the game with a single sub. Oh, and the regular parent manager couldn’t make it tonight so I filled in.

During the first half, the Heat fell behind early by as many as 12, but fought back to within 6. Early in the second half, they fell behind once more to a low point of 15 behind. But they stayed in the game, dug deep, and kept chipping away at the lead to go into overtime.

Although the Heat had an opportunity to win at the end of the first overtime, the shot was let go just after the buzzer. Ditto for the second overtime. The third overtime was back and forth with the Heat scoring just in time to send the game to QUADRUPLE OVERTIME!


The Heat rose to the challenge to win by 5 over a talented and previously undefeated team.


Way to go girls and thank you to Mark Murphy for showing up in time to bail out the clueless substitute manager. GO HEAT!